For Presenters

Oral Presentation

  • Oral presentation time is 15 minutes (12 minutes for speaking and 3 minutes for questions/answers).
  • A computer (Windows OS) with MS PowerPoint will be available for presentations. Presenters are requested to upload their presentation file to the yBNCT server at least 30 minutes prior to their session commencing.
  • Please name your presentation file as follows:
     presentation number_presenter name.pptx (For example, “S1-1_HannaKoivunoro.pptx”)
  • If you are planning to use a video files, then contact the organisation committee during the conference and well in advance to test your presentation on the available computers.


Poster Presentation

  • Electronic posters – bring poster file in .pdf format.
  • Poster screen size 55” (portrate) (121.7 cm height, 68.6 cm width).  
  • Presenters are requested to give a short presentation of 7 minutes (5 minutes for speaking and 2 minutes for questions/answers) at their poster display during the assigned session.