Thank you for the successful yBNCT10 meeting

The organisational team of the yBNCT10 meeting is thanking all participants for a successful and productive conference. A lot of progress has happened since the last ICNCT meeting in Taiwan and we were very happy to see that the clinical aspect of BNCT is getting more attention, now that more AB-BNCT facilities are coming online.

As announced in the meeting, we will be publishing the presentations and posters in a password protected section of our webpage. Participants from the yBNCT19 meeting will be send the access to this section. The publication date is set for 20.10.2019.
If you do not wish to have your presentation or poster published, then send us a mail by 16.10.2019, including your presentation ID, please.

Presentation upload page launched

To enhance the presentation file receiving process we have created a page for uploading the Power Point and PDF presentation files. The uploading process is the same as with the abstract files (Create a new account via “Make Submission” and upload the file via “Upload File”. “Content” field can be left blank). Presentation files are also received via USB memory sticks at the event venue.

Link to Presentation upload page

Presentation info page

yBNCT to Helsinki 2019

February 18th, 2019

FINNISH SOCIETY FOR NEUTRON CAPTURE THERAPY offered to the International Society for Neutron Capture Therapy to organize the 10th YBNCT meeting. The Board of Councillors meeting at the 18th International Conference on Neutron Capture Therapy in Taipei elected Helsinki as the venue in a tight vote with Novosibirsk (Minutes_BOC_POST.pdf )